Clean Energy Ltd's wave energy device is designed for community-scale settings in Less Developed Countries.



We have combined extensive software modelling and physical engineering to design and test a 1/8th scale device, and are now ready to advance to the next stage.



 We believe in providing water for the poor, in overcoming climate change, and in reducing the cost of wave energy so as to make it viable.


About Us

Clean Energy Ltd is a marine renewables organisation with a difference.

We want to bring wave energy-sourced fresh water to local communities on a global scale.

Most companies aim at commercial implementation of their wave and tidal energy devices – but that is not our target.

Our technology is simple and our devices are small in size, and this was a deliberate decision on our part – we want them to be suited to deployment in localised settings.

Many of the global poor lack electricity; an arguably even bigger problem is that they lack sufficient (if any) fresh water.

Where these communities are coastal – and many of them are – it is entirely obvious that the solution to these needs should come from the seas and oceans the people live alongside.

We have designed our solution specifically for these settings.

Human induced climate change represents a clear and present danger to human society; at the same time, its impacts will be felt most acutely by those who have least contributed to it.

By providing wave power-derived fresh water to developing communities, we will be combating the problem of climate change whilst also enabling an increase in their living standards.

We also believe very much in a distributed energy system - one that relies on local renewably sourced forms of energy, rather than on a nationwide system based primarily on fossil fuels.

There is so much energy in the oceans, that even in those forms we can access there is more than enough to both provide for our existing needs and to meet the increasing demand from Less Developed Countries.