We believe in four paramount guiding principles - environmental need, societal impact, wave energy sector cost reduction, and our faith.

The scientific community is unequivocal in its message - rising levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, that have no geological precedents in recent times, will lead to substantial impacts on human society and the natural world. These impacts will last for many centuries.

Yet the true urgency of this message is still largely not understood at national government level, and where it is there remain many obstacles to the implementation of solutions. The problem of a lack of understanding of the impacts, is even greater in the media and in general society.

We believe that we have a primary duty to address anthropogenic climate change at its most fundamental and profound level, by designing and implementing a viable solution based on marine renewable energy.

Secondly, we

  • do not accept the disparities in development levels that exist, and are motivated in our design work to do our utmost to provide a solution to these;
  • acknowledge the absolute right of the global poor to have access to sufficient electricity and fresh drinking water;
  • view it as essential to provide enough fresh water that women (and it is usually women) do not have to spend hours every day on often difficult journeys to source it;
  • believe sincerely in the provision of enough electricity for LDC-based families to enable them to improve their situation.

Thirdly - we understand that no wide deployment of wave devices will occur if the sector is not economically viable, and that therefore we will not achieve our objectives if we are not cost-effective and able to provide a suitable ROI (Return On Investment). We believe the simplicity of our design will achieve this.

Our final motivation is that as Christians, we believe we have certain obligations in life and work and we follow those willingly to give thanks for our many blessings. Of course, many other faiths share a very similar outlook on life as do those of no faith and we have the greatest respect for all who share our fundamental motivations.